FELLAS BY HAQI is a fashion label founded in Zurich in 2021. Inspired by the creative impulses of street and youth culture, founder and designer Araz Haqi sees every piece of clothing as an opportunity to express yourself. Our goal: to set new standards in the world of fashion with distinctive, expressive pieces. Elementary, honest, real! Because clothing is more than fashion. Because it is a lifestyle, because it is personality. And since personality isn't just black and white, neither are the Fellas By Haqi collections. And just as every personality has its own story, every Fellas By Haqi collection has its own unique story and inimitable concept.

So let's add color to our lives and express our multifaceted personality. Right here you will find the unmistakable pieces that you are still missing in your wardrobe.

FBH – From a fella to the fellas!